For October

“There’s A Spider in My Shower” by Denice Hughes Lewis

There’s a spider in my shower
A hangin’ in the air.
I wonder just exactly what it thinks it’s doing there.

I sent no invitation,
And surely didn’t call.
It has a lot of nerve to crawl into my shower stall.

I am not that child called Muffet.
This isn’t really rain.
I understand its plight for down below there is a drain.

Do you think it needs a cleanin’
For all those little feet?
Or maybe some shampoo to make it smell all spicy sweet?

Perhaps a tiny song or two,
Is forming in its throat.
I doubt that I would hear and it’s much safer in a boat.

I will, of course, remove it
And throw it in my stew
Because that’s what a very hungry monster cook would do.