3 in 1 Editing/ConsultingEditing

3 in-1 Editing offers complete services: story structure and development, copy/text and proofreading. For novels, children’s literature, stage plays and screenplays. See the 3 in 1 Editing/Consulting Facebook page for reviews.


3 in 1 Editing is a personalized service. I am willing and able to work in a timely and efficient manner. I have been hired to write one feature film and two shorts. One resulted in an IMDB credit. I’ve consulted on picture books, stage plays as well as screenplays for my fellow writers. I’m well grounded in the intricacies of plot, characterization, theme and emotional connection to the reader or viewer.

All authors will be treated with respect. I will be honest and considerate with her editing consultation, whether it is a full-length feature film or a sixteen-page picture book.

All writers are welcome, from beginning writers to published authors. Each project is unique with specific requirements. Please contact me for a quote.


“I know Denice Lewis through the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. As a fellow writer and professional illustrator, I was
immediately captured by her lively imagination. Unusual subject matter, curious characters, and fantastical plot twists make her stories, books
and screenplays leap from the printed page for the lucky reader. Denice’s dedication to her craft is boundless, she creates under pressure and
deadlines most writers won’t even consider. I highly recommend her insights for budding/blocked writers with unfinished manuscripts needing a fresh take on their work. For those with great ideas in need of a screenwriter, you’ve come to the right site. Looking for a children’s ebook?
You’re in for a treat.”
Suzan Noyes

“I have read My Fairy Godmonster twice and loved it more with each reading.  Denice has created another winsome, funny and clever character in Godmonster–adorable one moment and trouble the next.  Her real-life story characters are just as appealing; the scene of the horse giving birth during the storm is breathless with tension and tears.  As if all this wasn’t enough, Denice has critiqued my stories with genuine involvement, insight and expertise.  A truly gifted woman of imagination and talent.”
Elizabeth Wolfarth, Writer


“Denice possesses one of the most creative imaginations I’ve ever experienced–and I came to know 10,000 imaginations, or lack of same, in my 32-year teaching career. Denice eclipses them all. She thinks in high concept terms without prompting and is a reliable and hard-working collaborator. She can create high quality scripts with blistering speed and is a pleasure to work with.”
Dr. Arnold Wolfe

“Seldom does one find a reader who can critique a script in such at thorough and informative manner. Her observations are all based in sound theory while her questions inspire thought and creativity.
I would not hesitate recommend her and to use her services in the future.”
Ted Blasche, Willamette Writers,
Hillsboro, OR

“Denice Lewis belongs on your short list of writers and writing consultants! She has a peerless ability to create entertainingly whimsical worlds populated by engaging characters. Her stories touch the heart and mind. Her writing is crisp, economical, and effective. As a writing consultant, Denice is insightful, precise, and generous. She couples her observations of areas that require elevation with helpful possible solutions. Denice is a polite nurturing person, and these qualities shine through in her feedback: helpful, genuine, considerate, competent.
If you”™re seeking a productive writer or writing consultant that will deliver for you, give Denice Lewis a call!”
Michael Magafas, Writer, Sydney, Australia