I write fantasy and adventure–kids books and screenplays for film and television.  Some of my favorite fantasy books are ageless—Harry Potter, the Narnia Chronicles, Cinder, The Dark is Rising, the humorous, fairy-tale- skewered Half Upon a Time series. I was introduced to them as an adult.

There’s a little of everything here:  two chapter books in a series with two tiny wizards and the siblings who help them find magic in ten natural wonders of the world;  adventures with an inexperienced dragon and the kids he kidnaps;  a new Cinderella story with a twist;  dog and cat journals you can write from your pet’s point of view, and a young adult novel that explores issues of responsibility, controlling feelings, and sacrifice.

You can find the books in digital and paperback form. I hope you enjoy them. Become a VIP and get a free story–a prequel to Enchantress Sacrifice. You’ll have access to my monthly newsletters for members only and can ask me questions on the processes of writing, editing, or self-publishing. I promise to answer.

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Denice Hughes Lewis


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