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Hye-Jynx Quest One

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Hye-Jynx: Quest One is a chapter ebook for children written by Denice Hughes Lewis

The first book in this humorous chapter book series introduces two tiny wizards to Neil and his sister, Sandi. The wizards need more natural magic to return to their home and save it from Sorceressa. Their first destination is the Grand Canyon, one of the ten most popular wonders of the world. Traveling in Magic-Time is easy, except for one small problem. They end up in the wrong place.

Nine-year-old Neil never expects to have an adventure. He likes studying science from a safe distance by himself, on his computer, in his room. Suddenly, he’s not alone. Two tiny wizards, Hye and Jynx, pop out of his rubber plant and need his help. They don’t have enough magic to get home and must travel to the natural wonders of the world to find more enchantment. They need Neil as an anchor when they travel in Magic-Time because his room is the only way back to their world. He reluctantly agrees to go with them.

Their first quest is traveling to the Grand Canyon. Interrupted mid-spell by Neil’s younger sister, all four arrive in the Grand Caymen Islands instead of the Grand Canyon, thousands of miles from their destination. Neil resents being changed into a green sea turtle and being in a flash flood and being stranded in Magic-Time. He wonders if he and his sister are going to get back home.

Hye-Jynx Quest Two

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Hye-Jynx: Quest TwoTake another wild adventure in Magic-Time with Neil, his sister Sandi and their tiny wizard friends, Hye and Jynx. This quest takes the travelers to the dangerous Amazon Rainforest, home to jaguar, anaconda, caiman and eagle. They need to find a seedpod from the Kapok tree. Jynx loses his wand and becomes a monkey. Will the team succeed in their quest, find the wand and be able to return home?

Another wild adventure is the last thing that Neil wants. In their first quest to the Grand Canyon with two tiny wizards, he and his sister Sandi barely survived. Now they have to go to the Amazon Rainforest to retrieve a second natural wonder. Traveling in Magic-Time has its own rules – all who start together, must finish together. Neil thinks he is prepared for the second quest. All they have to do is to get in, find the seedpod from a Kapok tree and get out. Fifteen minutes in Earth time, tops. How hard can it be? Harder than Neil thinks. Miscalculating, the adventurers land in the dark on top of the rainforest canopy. A storm blows the tiny wizards away. Neil is horrified to think that they are on their own – without magic, or a flashlight or a weapon of defense against the wild animals that live in the trees. 

Dragon Cloud

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Dragon Cloud is about Tazure, a young dragon who must return to Earth to retrieve the ‘Magic Pearl of Nukua’. He doesn’t want to go. His home, Draggonfeld, is safe in a twin dimension far from the human barbarians who tried to eliminate dragons on Earth hundreds of years ago. Tazure is the only one his father can send. And if he doesn’t succeed, the evil Dragonscar will destroy his home.

Everything changes when Tazure crashes through the light-reef and gets lost on Earth. Wounded, he kidnaps Jase and his younger sister, Megan.

Being kidnapped by a dragon makes Jase grow up fast. When Megan insists on helping the dragon, Jase wonders how he will be able to protect her. He has a good arm for baseball and little else, he thinks.

Finding the hidden pearl underwater, fleeing a dangerous wyvern, flying through the light tunnel is nothing compared to the dangers awaiting them in Draggonfeld. They become separated and must rely on inner resources they don’t know they have.

My Fairy Godmonster

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A ranch girl becomes a Cinderella when her brother’s future in-laws take over her house for a month to plan a wedding. Losing her mother at birth, hasn’t prepared Winifred to cope with the rat, the brat, the cat or the usher who sends chills up her spine. Then she gets a Fairy Godmonster by mistake. One who flies a Harley, has a magic whip and insists on staying in the attic with her.

My Fairy Godmonster is an ebook for young adults by Denice Hughes LewisWinifred, fifteen, loves her life raising horses with her dad in Oregon. It’s great until her brother returns home from college with his future-in-laws. They take over her house for a month to plan the wedding. Being motherless hasn’t prepared her for the scary dictator, the bratty child and creepy cat who take over her room. Where else can she escape except the attic bedroom? When her dad leaves to pick up a prized stallion and her brother deserts her, Winifred is forced into drudgery. What’s she supposed to do with the Fairy Godmonster who shows up by mistake? Although Winifred admires her cool mentor’s orange spiky hair, red jumpsuit and yellow boots, she’s exhausted trying to keep Fairy Godmonster from being discovered. To make everything worse, Fairy Godmonster has a malfunctioning magic whip. Instead of helping her, Fairy Godmonster creates jungles, hot tubs and wedding boutiques in her attic bedroom. Isn’t it enough to cope with obnoxious people, pregnant mares, ranch duties, house chores and the handsome usher?

Enchantress Sacrifice

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Enchantress Sacrifice is a young adult, fantasy adventure. Ice Lords and Kepyrs are forbidden to mate on the uncharted island. Yet an Enchantress is born. She breathes light instead of air and experiences all feelings. Rescued as a newborn by a monster and a mysterious mentor, Elandra spends sixteen years hiding underground. For a Beast wants her soul and the natives want her life. She must go above ground to receive her greatest power and save the island from the destruction of the Beast. Instead, Elandra wants to escape her fate and become normal by removing her gifts in a sacred lagoon. The choices she makes on her quest of adventure, danger, and romance seal her destiny and lead her to the most difficult choice of all.

“This damp dungeon slithers into my soul. So dark, that I can see nothing. Devoid of the thing I need most in this world in order to survive–the breath of light. Even the darkness cannot stop my ability to feel, to know exactly what my treasured friends are experiencing in their cells. I hear the roar of Bryntar as she fights the chain confining her clawed hand. Daniel suffers with chilling fear for me, rather than himself. I block out all remembered pain, too much to bear now. For this is my fault. My desire to become normal was selfish. If I cannot find a way to save my loved ones before my execution, I shall go mad and the Beast will devour me.” Watch the book trailer here.