A Tribute to Elizabeth Wolfarth, a writer

I didn’t know Liz well.  We met twice at dinner parties given by a mutual writing friend.  I was immediately struck by the distinguished lady with the gorgeous white hair.  Her eyes were full of intelligence and wisdom.

We corresponded online as we lived in different towns.  If I needed advice on what I was writing, I would ask Liz.  We traded children’s picture book manuscripts and juvenile and young adult projects we were working on.  Her insight was invaluable to me.  She enriched my life.

Elizabeth epitomized what is means to be a writer .  She never gave up on her dreams.  She was a master at research.  Her knowledge of her choice of historical women was amazing.  Publishers wanted to read her work because she wrote professional query letters that gained their attention.  She had just finished months of preparation on her latest manuscript, having sent query letters to publishers and was waiting as we all do for validation.

Unfortunately, she died before that realization was to come.  I wonder what will become of her ancient heroines and their stories.  She will be greatly missed.  It was a privilege to have known her, if only for a short time.  Goodbye, dear Liz.