Hye-Jynx: Quest One is a fantasy chapter book

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Hye-Jynx: Quest One is a chapter ebook for children written by Denice Hughes Lewis

The first book in this humorous chapter book series introduces two tiny wizards to Neil and his sister, Sandi. The wizards need more natural magic to return to their home and save it from Sorceressa. Their first destination is the Grand Canyon, one of the ten most popular wonders of the world. Traveling in Magic-Time is easy, except for one small problem. They end up in the wrong place.

Nine-year-old Neil never expects to have an adventure. He likes studying science from a safe distance by himself, on his computer, in his room. Suddenly, he’s not alone. Two tiny wizards, Hye and Jynx, pop out of his rubber plant and need his help. They don’t have enough magic to get home and must travel to the natural wonders of the world to find more enchantment. They need Neil as an anchor when they travel in Magic-Time because his room is the only way back to their world. He reluctantly agrees to go with them.

Their first quest is traveling to the Grand Canyon. Interrupted mid-spell by Neil’s younger sister, all four arrive in the Grand Caymen Islands instead of the Grand Canyon, thousands of miles from their destination. Neil resents being changed into a green sea turtle and being in a flash flood and being stranded in Magic-Time. He wonders if he and his sister are going to get back home.

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