Enchantress Sacrifice is a young adult, fantasy adventure. Ice Lords and Kepyrs are forbidden to mate on the uncharted island. Yet an Enchantress is born. She breathes light instead of air and experiences all feelings. Rescued as a newborn by a monster and a mysterious mentor, Elandra spends sixteen years hiding underground. For a Beast wants her soul and the natives want her life. She must go above ground to receive her greatest power and save the island from the destruction of the Beast. Instead, Elandra wants to escape her fate and become normal by removing her gifts in a sacred lagoon. The choices she makes on her quest of adventure, danger, and romance seal her destiny and lead her to the most difficult choice of all.

“This damp dungeon slithers into my soul. So dark, that I can see nothing. Devoid of the thing I need most in this world in order to survive–the breath of light. Even the darkness cannot stop my ability to feel, to know exactly what my treasured friends are experiencing in their cells. I hear the roar of Bryntar as she fights the chain confining her clawed hand. Daniel suffers with chilling fear for me, rather than himself. I block out all remembered pain, too much to bear now. For this is my fault. My desire to become normal was selfish. If I cannot find a way to save my loved ones before my execution, I shall go mad and the Beast will devour me.”

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